Branch Membership

Does your Branch want to become an affiliated member of Labor for Refugees?

As well as our individual membership, we also offer Branch Membership for ALP Branches that want to officially sure their support for Labor For Refugees.

If you think your Branch would like to become affiliate then have your branch move this motion at your next meeting:


This Branch supports the policy objectives of Labor for Refugees Victoria:

1. All asylum seekers to be treated with compassion, justice and in accordance with Australia’s international obligations. 
2. The right of all onshore asylum seekers to have their status as refugees assessed on Australian soil, under the Australian legal system. 
3. Asylum seekers to be accommodated in government run and urban-based reception centres. When a formal application for Refugee status has been made and security, health and identity checks are complete, asylum seekers are free to move out of reception centres and to stay in supportive communities. The time in detention not to exceed 30 days without judicial review and the right of appeal.

After the branch meeting get your Branch President or Secretary to complete this form, and they can email it to us.

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