ALP National Conference 2015

National Conference was a mixed bag for Labor For Refugees, with some successes as some strong failures.

During the consultation phase of the draft platform, Labor For Refugees secured numerous improvements to the draft platform such as "225. Labor will not pay people smugglers to engage in any form of people smuggling." and "229. Labor supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child". At the same time however the draft did not cover all the issues we were advocating for, and when taken to conference floor we were unable to obtain a majority.

During conference we also held a roaringly successful Labor Fringe event and a strong presence on the ground thanks to our tireless volunteers, who sold many T-Shirts and books during the conference.


This National Conference highlighted the importance of being organised and active, and Labor For Refugees will continue to be the strongest and most effective advocate that it can.


The ALP's 2015 National Platform and Constitution is now available here.


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