Kids Out Petition

Kids Out


The petition of the undersigned members of the Australian Labor Party and the union movement  

  • Notes the inclusion of the following clause in Chapter 9 of the National Platform 2015:

248. Labor supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Accordingly Labor’s humane and risk based immigration detention policies and practices will include a commitment to ensure that after the necessary health, identity and security checks every humanly practical effort will be taken to remove children and their families from immigration detention centres (IDCs) into alternative suitable arrangements.

  • Draws attention to the 2014 report of the Australian Human Rights Commission: TheForgotten Children which demonstrates the detrimental effects of detention on children’s development, mental and physical health. Recommendation 2 calls for a strictly limited period of time for health, identity and security checks of children and their families.
  • Notes that the Italian government completed identity, security and health checks for the majority of people seeking asylum in 2 to 3 hours with an average of 10,000 people arriving by boat per month (ABC: The Italian Solution 15 October 2014).
  • Notes that there were 91 children in immigration detention in Australia and 68 children in Nauru as at 30 December 2015.

The petitioners urge that:

1. As a matter of priority the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party in government puts into operation clause 248 of Chapter 9 of the National Platform 2015.

2. Ensures children and their families are housed under alternative suitable arrangements.

3. Creates a fast track process for health, identity and security checks for children and their families  

and that Labor in Opposition

4. Negotiates with the Prime Minister to immediately bring the 68 children from immigration detention in Nauru to Australia to avoid the huge risk of further abuse and serious harm.

Who's signing

Lyn Hutchinson
Jill Ruzbacky
Maurie Kelleher
Terri Dry
Susan D'Arcy
Marg D'Arcy
Vivienne Neale
Anne Learmonth
Terry McMeekin
Lajos Lanyi
Janice Andrews
E Clyde Andrews
Ilona Charles
Christine Barker
David Vertigan
Daryl Baker
Catherine Holder
Cameron Barry
Peter Matters
Angela Norris
Michelle Gearman
Mary Doyle
Maureen Walton
Rhonda Bain
Rob Stewart
maureen long
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  • Lyn Hutchinson
    signed 2018-03-28 11:00:36 +1100
  • Jill Ruzbacky
    signed 2017-02-18 16:53:05 +1100
  • Maurie Kelleher
    signed 2016-04-10 10:09:10 +1000
    Australia must be humane and compassionate.

    The treatment of refugees in Australia is disgraceful.

    It is immoral & unethical to seek political advantage by causing asylum seekers to suffer
  • Terri Dry
    signed via 2016-03-18 16:13:21 +1100
    I provided my home to a 17 year old girl of Afghan refugee background for 5 months in 2004. She and her mother had been in Latvian refugee detention for some years, 5 if I remember correctly. During that time she had to share a toilet with 200 others and had VERY limited educational opportunity. This person’s life has been indelibly affected by this experience. We MUST listen to our health professionals and NEVER harm children.
  • Susan D'Arcy
    @photo_melbourne tweeted link to this page. 2016-03-18 14:08:31 +1100
  • Susan D'Arcy
    signed via 2016-03-18 14:08:06 +1100
  • Marg Darcy
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-03-18 13:46:25 +1100
    Sign the petition: Kids Out Petition
  • Marg Darcy
    @Darcy4Kooyong tweeted link to this page. 2016-03-18 13:46:20 +1100
  • Marg D'Arcy
    signed 2016-03-18 13:45:30 +1100
    It is imperative that Labor stands by it’s policies and commits to moving children out of detention as soon as practically possible.
  • Vivienne Neale
    signed 2016-03-12 17:11:34 +1100
  • Anne Learmonth
    signed 2016-03-06 16:47:48 +1100
    As a long-time union activist & past Labor voter in ashamed that the party I used to actively support continues with cruel and inhuman policies on asylum seekers and is so insensitive to the feelings of the thousands of people like me who can never campaign or vote for any party which continues to support such breaches of human rights.
  • Terry McMeekin
    signed 2016-02-23 13:42:15 +1100
  • Lajos Lanyi
    signed via 2016-02-19 22:41:06 +1100
  • Janice Andrews
    signed 2016-02-17 12:22:18 +1100
  • E Clyde Andrews
    signed 2016-02-17 12:13:03 +1100
  • Ilona Charles
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-02-14 15:03:06 +1100
    Sign the petition: Kids Out Petition
  • Ilona Charles
    signed 2016-02-14 15:02:14 +1100
  • Christine Barker
    signed 2016-02-10 13:23:29 +1100
    Christine Barker
  • David Vertigan
    signed 2016-02-10 11:58:16 +1100
  • Daryl Baker
    signed 2016-02-09 21:25:48 +1100
  • Catherine Holder
    signed 2016-02-08 19:40:56 +1100
    The end of offshore processing is a non negotiable as far as I am concerned. It is a heinous crime against humanity and there is no justification for it whatsoever. When people get into a boat to attempt the crossing to Australia in search of a better, safer life any harm that befalls them enroute is on them. When we as a diverse and free first world country incarcerate people indefinitely when they have committed no crime and go out of our way to make it physically, mentally and emotionally horrendous then we are the worst of humanity and it taints all Australians.

    In years to come Australia is going to have to apologise for these crimes against humanity, for that is what they are, we are going to have to pay restitution as well. Considering the cost of offshore processing already it is the most economically unsound and wasteful course of action available. We can do a lot better than this.
  • Cameron Barry
    signed 2016-02-08 17:34:07 +1100
  • Peter Matters
    signed 2016-02-08 16:44:00 +1100
    Peter R Matters, I am 100% with you. I would like to point out that the asylum seeker mess could be solved well, humanly – and at very considerable savings to us, the tax payers – as I have pointed out in various places, such as The Guardian, Crikey, etc, and I am fairly certain through Labor sources as well.

    I must regretfully confess that while my mind is still quick and lively against the all odds and is capable of thinking outside of the square and of the future, my computer and I have a similarly close relationship as the USA and the Taliban.
  • Angela Norris
    signed 2016-02-08 15:39:36 +1100
  • Michelle Gearman
    signed 2016-02-08 12:21:46 +1100
  • Mary Doyle
    signed 2016-02-08 10:54:00 +1100
    It is an outrage that the Labor Party will not listen to its members about this issue. I am deeply ashamed that it allows this abuse to occur and I say ‘NOT IN MY NAME’ loudly to the ALP. #LetThemStay #FreeTheRefugees
  • Maureen Walton
    signed 2016-02-08 10:36:28 +1100
    What most people who are against letting little ones out is that they are INNOCENT Babies/Children who have never done anything wrong…
  • Rhonda Bain
    signed 2016-02-08 08:58:28 +1100
    Allow the 267 refugees to stay in Victoria.
  • Rob Stewart
    signed 2016-02-08 08:18:20 +1100
  • maureen long
    signed 2016-02-07 22:55:44 +1100