Electorates at odds with offshore camps & boat turn-backs

On the question: "Asylum Seekers should be held in offshore detention centres while their claims are being processed", the ten electorates least supportive include five Victorian: Batman 16%, Wills 17%, Melbourne 20%, Gellibrand 25%, Melbourne Ports 25%.
The ABC's Vote Compass provides some significant results. On the question: "Boats carrying asylum seekers should be turned back" the ten electorates least supportive include the same five: Batman 19.5%, Wills 20%, Melbourne 25%, Gellibrand 29%, Melbourne Ports 31%.

On both questions, the seats of Sydney and Grayndler were also included in the ten, giving a total of seven ALP seats in the least supportive. The other seats were Denison (Independent), Melbourne (Greens) and Barton (Liberal). It is interesting to note that Barton is notionally ALP after a redistribution.

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